Our mission is to elevate academic aspiration and performance


We believe that there is an enormous amount of untapped academic potential in the high school graduates of tomorrow.  These students are the next generation of doctors, teachers, social entrepreneurs, lawyers, businesspeople, scientists, and professors – if their collective academic potential is realised. 

Turtle Tuition exists for this sole purpose: to elevate the academic aspirations and performance of Queensland high school students. We educate, connect and inspire students to achieve to their maximum potential. We foster a community where every student is given the opportunity to excel and get the very best start to life after school.

We aim to become recognised as the highest quality senior school tuition service in Queensland. We reach for this goal each day by providing consistently outstanding private one-to-one tuition.

- Since 2013 -

The #1 choice for Queensland high school students

Our tutors are university undergraduates who obtained an ATAR greater than 95 in high school. We are all currently completing tertiary education in a degree area relevant to subjects we tutor. We have proven that we are capable of academic achievement at the highest level and we harbour a desire to help others do the same.  Turtle Tuition is an attempt to make a significant positive difference in the lives of others by helping senior school students realise their collective academic potential.

Queensland's Brightest Tutors

We pride ourselves on our highly talented tutors.  All Turtle Tutors are current university undergraduates who received an ATAR greater than 95 in their graduating year of school.

More than just brains

Our tutors have recently completed high school, enabling them to share their strong academic abilities in understandable and meaningful ways to each unique student.

Student Customisation

We understand that each student is different. Our tutors adapt their sessions to the unique learning style of each student to ensure each student gets the most out of every session.

Specialised high school program

We focus explicitly on high school students in grades 7 to 12.  This means that our tutors are well-versed in their subjects at this level, and are well-prepared for the typical student.

Our Values

Turtle Tuition values dna


Turtle Tuition values dna Empowerment

Excellent tuition is not about showing the student how smart you are, but about showing the student how smart they can be.


Learning is fun. We love it. It’s what we do and it’s who we are. We aim to make our enthusiasm infectious.


Turtle Tuition values dna ambition

We encourage a culture of achieving one’s goals and striving to be better, especially academically. 


We aim to nurture and develop the academic potential of each of our students, to help them help themselves.


Grace was an excellent tutor and her support was instrumental in our son’s result for his final semester of school. The service provided by Andrew was excellent. Following up on numerous occasions to ensure everything was progressing as expected. I would certainly recommend Turtle Tuition to anyone looking for a high school tutor.

Mitch Edwards

Sophie was fantastic and Chloe did very well at school thanks to her. She was always prompt, professional and a very good tutor.

Sue Bailey

Cara is really good she is very flexible. She works well with Danyon, provide a very professional service. Cieran worked really well with Danyon. There was a big shift in his grades, moving from a sometimes failing grade to more consistent Bs. I’ve really noticed a boost in his confidence over the year.

Beth Saggers

Blaise is calm with Tyler. The greatest thing is his patience with him. Blaise is studying the brain at university, so I asked him to works some of his magic on him to make him remember things better. His brain doesn’t have a strong spatial memory, and Blaise has been able to apply that knowledge as well as his patience, soft mannerisms and calmness with him. He is positive. We had a fantastic year for Tyler. It has really helped him having Blaise come over.

Jackie Harding

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


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We know choosing a tutor is a big step. You probably have a lot of questions for us. Browse our most frequently asked questions or ask your own below.

Ready to get started? If you like what you see here and you’re wondering what the next step is, you have two main options:

  1. Fill out the form for a free trial lesson on our contact page (www.turtletuition.com/contact) and we’ll call you.
  2. Call us on (07) 3180 1682. 
  3. Email us at admin@turtletuition.com.au.

We’ll get your free trial with your ideal tutor set up straight away.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true to have a free lesson with a qualified tutor. The reason we introduced the risk-free trial lesson is because we’re certain our high-quality tutors can help make drastic academic impacts in students’ lives. Once you glimpse the immense benefit of tailored study assistance, we can almost guarantee you’ll want to continue lessons. 

The Risk-Free trial works as follows:

  1. Contact us to book the Risk-Free trial.
  2. We will set you up with a perfect tutor.
  3. Your tutor will call you to arrange a time for the trial lesson.
  4. The lesson will take place at the agreed time and place (usually your home).
  5. We will be in contact after the trial lesson to discuss if you would like to continue on a lesson plan.
  6. There’s absolutely no commitment at this point. We won’t invoice you until after you’ve decided to continue with us, and only if you’re 100% satisfied with your trial.

At this point, you are welcome to join our student family or we can go our separate ways – it’s all up to you.

Turtle Tuition lessons generally take place in your home. We find that this is not only the most comfortable and easily accessible location for students, but also that it offers a more personal relationship between tutor and student while ensuring that parents are more informed on student academic progression.

However, if your home is not available for tuition, we can be very flexible on tuition location. Our services can be provided at many public locations, such as a mutually convenient library, university, or virtually by our online tuition services. To discuss more location options for your unique situation and needs, please call us

A typical Turtle Tuition session is usually broken into three distinct parts: the recap, the crux, and the future.

  1. The Recap (first 10 mins). The purpose of the Recap is to revise work completed in the previous session and review any homework or particularly challenging concepts. Your tutor will quiz you on topics from the previous week and determine to what extent the student struggled with the content. Together the tutor and student will briefly revise any topics that the student found particularly challenging and review any material that the student couldn’t complete. This is important to consolidate knowledge gained in previous sessions.
  2. The Crux (40 mins). The crux constitutes the bulk of the tuition session and is where the bulk of new learning occurs. In this section you will analyse and tackle specific problems, work conceptually on an assignment, or attack a practice exam. This section is structured in a manner that best suits the learning style of the student, whether that is primarily visual, audio or kinaesthetic learning. The tutor will utilise their depth of knowledge on the subject and our Turtle Tuition tried-and-tested tips and tricks to enable quicker and more consolidated learning.
  3. The Future (final 10 mins). In the last 10 minutes of the session, you will summarise the key points from the Crux in order to consolidate understanding of the new content covered in the session. Your tutor will then assign a small problem set or task (homework) for you that will involve some simple steps to ensure academic progression between sessions. Your tutor will always consider your workload and ensure that the homework is manageable and relevant. If time permits, your tutor will provide an overview for the next week’s topics so that you find the content more familiar in class, allowing for quicker and deeper understanding. This will also give you additional confidence in class, as you will grasp concepts faster than the other students.

For all details regarding lesson packages and pricing, please download our information package (see below) or contact us via:

  1. Our contact page (www.turtletuition.com/contact/)
  2. Via phone on (07) 3180 1682
  3. Email admin@turtletuition.com.au

We’re so confident in the calibre of our tutors that if you don’t love your first session, you won’t have to pay a cent. Sign up to one of our lesson packages and we’ll set up a trial lesson with your perfect tutor. If you choose not to have a second session, there will be no fee. 

Your free trial includes a complimentary assessment, personalised tutor-matching for your unique situation and needs based on the assessment, and a one-hour face-to-face session with your tutor in the comfort of your own home.

Lessons are invoiced monthly and we accept payment via: direct bank transfer, credit card payments (Stripe) or Paypal.

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